Dhokla is a vegetarian food item that originates from the Indian state of Gujarat. It is made with a fermented batter derived from rice and split chickpeas. Dhokla can be eaten for breakfast, as a main course, as a side dish, or as a snack.

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  • 3 Servings
  • 10m Prep Time
  • 30m Cook Time
  • 40m Ready In


  • One ready to mix dhokla packet
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 table spoon cooking oil
  • 5-6 kadipatta leaves
  • 1 tea spoon jeera
  • 1 tea spoon mohri
  • 3-4 chopped green chillies


  • Add the mix dhokla packet to a bowl.
  • Add water and oil to the bowl and mix it well. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now add 2 glasses of water to a kadai and boil it.
  • Take the dhokla mixture in a plate. Place the plate on top of the kadai with boiling water.
  • Cover the plate with a lid or another plate and keep it for 15-20 minutes.
  • After the dhokla is ready, add a tadka of kadipatta, chillies, jeera and mohri to it.

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